Roof Replacement

We Service Delaware, Southern Pennsylvania and Eastern Maryland

When the time comes for a replacement, you can count on CTA’s commercial roofing experts to give you a fair price and a great experience. 

We’ll tear off and dispose of your old flat roof and install your new roof quickly, minimizing the amount of time that your building is exposed and being renovated. While your old flat roof is off, we’ll inspect the existing structure for damage and repair that damage (if you ask us to!), making sure that once your new roof is on, it is as secure as possible, providing you with a first line of defense against mold and preserving the structural integrity of your commercial building.

A flat roof is the perfect platform to install a roof-top garden, to install highly reflective membranes for your roof, or to choose the renewable energy generating solar panel option. As your trusted commercial roofing source, we can make sure that your roof is prepared for these options if you choose them. We’re looking forward to helping you go green!

Green Roof Options


Highly reflective roofing membrane

Lowers cooling costs on warm days.


Roof-top gardens

Drastically extends the life of your commercial roofing materials and reduces stormwater runoff. Note: CTA is a roofing company and not a gardening company, however, we can prep your flat roof to become a roof-top garden and make sure that the job is complete!


Solar panels

Generates renewable energy, saves you money, and lasts for decades. Again, we are commercial roofers, not a solar panel sales company, but the support structures for solar panels go through the roof and we will make sure that the structures are flashed and watertight, making sure your newly energy efficient commercial business is still dry and safe!


High r-value thermal insulation

Reduces energy consumption, provides a positive slope, which reduces standing water and the chance for leaks to occur, and offers a protective coverboard over the insulation that helps to protect your flat roof.

Is it about time for a new flat roof for your commercial establishment?

There are a lot of cost saving options available to you, and we are eager to discuss them with you, if you’re interested in going green with your new (or existing) commercial roof. Contact us to learn more! Head over to our New Construction page to see a list of the types of roofing we commonly install and our preferred brands.